Abdij Roosenberg


28/02/15 - De Architectonische Ruimte in de praktijk. Dom Hans van der Laan’s Plastisch Getal

How can we truly know things?

How does one read space?

For the Dutch architect and monk Dom Hans van der Laan (1904-1991), the fundamental task of architecture is to make space intelligible through its proportion and order, to render the world readable. Designing is making an order. This was driven by philosophical and theological motives that grew from his Benedictine background. Over a period of more than 65 years Van der Laan investigated the relation between the process of making and the process of cognition through empirical research. He set up a design philosophy with abstract models as ‘archetypes’ or architectural ‘specimen’. Through the definition of a specific architectural terminology as ‘inside versus outside’, or ‘space versus mass’, in relation to concrete tools, van der Laan developed a practical design methodology.

How did Van der Laan teach?

How did he develop his tools?

This workshop unfolds Van der Laan’s way of making and teaching, exposing the genealogy of his architectural concepts and design tools, as well as their implementation in the built world.


We will explore the different spaces of Roosenberg Abbey.


In a small studio group, we will sketch, draw, experiment.

The plastic number will be analysed:

• as a series derived from visual perception

• as a practical design tool

• through its practical implementation in Architectonic Space


  • Begeleiding door Caroline Voet
  • Gaat door op 28/02/15 van 9.45 tot 16.00 uur
  • Gaat door in Abdij Roosenberg
    Oudeheerweg-Heide 3, Waasmunster
  • Deelname in de kosten: 75 euro
  • Inschrijven op voorhand is vereist
  • Voor informatie (of inschrijven) contacteer: Caroline Voet (Telefoon: of mail: