Roosenberg Abbey

Our core spiritual tradition: Marian and Franciscan

Here at Roosenberg, we want to witness to full human and Christian life, sharing with our sisters and brothers a spirituality that is both Marian and Franciscan.


The Gospel is at the heart of the spirituality of St. Francis. Harmony with all of creation holds a pre-eminent place:

  • right relationships of harmony with our sisters and brothers, across national and religious borders;
  • right relationship with the entire cosmos;
  • right relationship with God, the source of creation and the life-force in all.

St. Francis stressed the gift that is an experience of poverty. All is gift - an individual shouldn't claim anything. From this flows a spirituality of "enough": being content with what is given. Respect for every form of life leads to eco-awareness, entering into nature with deeper consciousness and respect in our life. Care is taken not to exploit or manipulate the gifts of nature. The "Canticle of the Sun" offers a precious image, a hymn expressing this spirituality.


Mary was a woman of faith, open to life and all it offered her. Likewise, Mary was receptive to God's dream for humanity and said "YES" to that dream with her whole self. Mary's "Magnificat" hymn gives voice to her faithfulness and her advocacy for the poor ones of God. It is a daily expression of our spirituality, sung at every evening prayer.

It is also a call and challenge for the choices we make in faith: to be voices for the voiceless, the poor ones, the most marginalized.