Roosenberg Abbey

The Abbey Community

We are a small, intentional and contemplative community of women and men who want to live Gospel values together, with emphasis on a Marian and Franciscan spirituality. The community finds its roots in the former Roosenberg Abbey (founded in 1237) and the Marian Sisters of Saint Francis, a Flemish religious order, founded in 1830. The Abbey has a long Roman Catholic tradition, but is equally open to a future that is inclusive of other traditions. We are exploring new forms of religious life as well as inter-religious living. Our tradition is built on three pillars:

1 - Living in community

Living together in community is inspired by the message of the gospel. We live each day aware of our interdependence, and of our relationship with God, Christ, the people around us, and the whole world. We seek to do this in the spirit of Our Lady and St. Francis, our models.

2 - Silence and prayer

The Abbey invites all to prayer: its residents, guests and visitors. Silence helps us to enter into the core of our existence, those deep relationships we seek with God, others, the world and all of creation. This is expressed in song each day through the Liturgy of the Hours. By listening to God's Word through the psalms and readings, we begin to "enflesh" them in our daily lives. Communal prayer helps us to grow as a community. By breaking and sharing the Bread of Life in the Eucharist, we ourselves become the Body of Christ, broken and shared with others: life in all its fullness!

3 - Hospitality

From our living and praying together, we are empowered to welcome all those who come to us with their joys, sorrows, hopes, fears and anxieties. In our encounter with each of them, we hope to share their journey toward God, as believers or seekers. In addition to our praying with and for them, we joyfully extend hospitality to others: as guests, retreatants, as individuals or groups. ALL ARE WELCOME HERE!